Oh. My. Facebook.

Okay, I admit it.  I am a Facebook fiend.  It’s pretty bad.  I have hundreds of friends and I post status updates almost daily.  I comment on and like almost everything.   I connect with old friends, commiserate with other moms, and use my page to gain readership for this blog.  Facebook is now something that I absolutely cannot live without.  But, man, like any relationship, my Facebook can drive me crazy!

The source of my craziness are the “Omg, you have got to be kidding [insert eye roll].” posts.

You have read these posts right?  About dreamy sunsets, husbands sending flowers on a daily basis, marvelous dinners out seemingly every night of the week, and the non-crying children who love to pose peacefully in wine barrels (in black and white of course)?  These people must be lying.  I can barely get the dog to listen to me, much less get Ella Mae to sit still for a picture.  Any picture.   Of course these nice things do happen.  They have even happened to me.  But your life being perfect all the time?  Come on people.  And it’s not just the girls constantly posting about their oh so glorious days/nights of the week.  Guys do it too!

These posts are the posts I am talking about:

“I have the most perfect husband.  He built me a new house, bought me 16 pairs of Jimmy Choos, and did all of our grocery shopping for the year today.  Without asking.  He just did everything because he is the most resourceful and wonderful man.  I love you baby.  I just can’t wait until you come home.”  Omg.  Gag.  Ryan is wonderful and resourceful but would expect me to serve him dinner in only an apron for the rest of my life should he perform any of the previously mentioned tasks.

“I just gave birth.  My child is so perfect he/she is already sleeping through the night.  I am rested, relaxed, and even had time to bake cookies.  From scratch.”  Really now.  My two-year has suddenly decided our bed is the place to be.  So we don’t sleep much anymore.  And I do bake cookies, but they end up being our breakfast.

“We just traveled around the world.  We don’t need to work, our money grows on trees.  Life is good.”  Enough said.

So you have three choices when you see these posts.  You can either turn a lovely shade of green (which I admit to have done in the past), be happy for your “friends” that are experiencing such good fortune (boring), or you can make fun of them and then write about these people on your blog.  (He he.)

I am not a hater.  I promise!  I even like hearing about everyone’s fancy lives most of the time.  But it would be so cool if people used Facebook every once in a while to talk about how imperfect (read: real) their lives are.  Spice it up a little.  Make those of us who are just grateful that they got an semi-uninterrupted shower this morning feel a little less bad for eating frozen waffles for dinner.  With their wine.

My life is chaotic, colorful (a fancy word for disorganized), and not always pretty.  In fact, it can get downright ugly.  But it’s mine.  I am proud of it and I will never, ever, be accused of being boring.  So I will own it and live it, and will post as such on my Facebook status for the world to see.  And maybe someone will comment and say they feel the same way I do.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Since we are all being honest, I am tired and am going to eat ice cream in my bathrobe instead of posting a recipe.  I will give you really, really good one next time.  Promise.  xoxo

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