Oh. My. Pinterest.

Oh my Pinterest.

Yes.  You all have seen me.  I met a new friend Pinterest this year and I cannot get enough of her.  I pin.  I comment.  I post.  It’s wonderful.

Pinterest has become my source of creative inspiration for all things baking, cooking and crafting.  [Insert sigh of happiness.]  I have even learned a few organizational tips that have been very useful in keeping my darling but (very) cozy 1,100 square foot home well-kept.

I’d like to spread the Pinterest love this weekend and share a few of my favorite links.  All have been tried, tested, and husband/Madame President-approved (and I even managed to post pictures this time).  These are pins where if you make what they tell you, it looks like the picture.  And who doesn’t love that.

Mama’s Top 5 Pins:

 (1)  Blackberry Pie Bars (to make your family and co-workers swoon)  – courtesy of the Pink Parsley.


(2)  Buttermilk Roast Chicken (the best chicken you will ever eat) – courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen.


(3)  Homemade Liquid Soap (to finally get rid of all those bars of random soap you get for gifts during the holidays) – courtesy of the Burlap Bag.


(4)  Chicken Pot Pie (so good your husband will offer to do the dishes) – courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything.


(5)  Pink black-bottomed cupcakes with icing – courtesy of iheart2stamp by Jen Muro.


Next time . . . . . Salted Caramel cupcake tutorial.  After the caramel started behaving and turned into a gooey glob of heaven, I somehow managed to not eat all of them.

Sneak peak (pictured with their Classic American cupcake counterpart) . . . . .


One response

  1. Wow, these all look good! I’ll be trying the Buttermilk Chicken recipe this week! Luckily I’ve avoided the Pinterest obsession because I usually use my iPad and it’s not as easy to pin things.

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