Goodness gracious.

Let’s start with some fun news first.  Sweetie Cheeks (yes, my baking business is still up and running) will now be offering a selection of four cookies at a new, local East Sacramento ice cream shop called La Bombe  Yay.  La Bombe will be offering Sweetie Cheeks’ well-known flat macaroon cookie with coconut ice cream, a crisp chocolate chip cookie, a chewy peanut butter cookie, and a new Sweetie Cheeks shortbread cookie creation with sesame seeds, coconut, and pecans.  I am really excited.

This is perfect because I have been looking forward to something like this for a while and it is an excellent distraction from all the challenges I have been recently given.

So, a little health update in addition to my fun baking news.  Yesterday I had my Pet Scan (which is basically the scans of all scans).  It was crazy.  I have had one before but this one was a little different as they found an issue with my lung due to the recent lung biopsy. Ouch. I am on oxygen now and require a couple more x-rays to make sure I am breathing correctly.  I am assuming I will be fine, I am not really short of breath and the oxygen does help.  I am still walking, cooking, eating, typing, etc. so that is all good.  I am pretending I am one of the old Italian guys in GoodFellas.  It’s been hard to be away from Ella Mae though.  I can’t wait to see her tonight.

We also got a more comprehensive review of what is going on in my body.  So we are obviously dealing with the 5 brain lesions and are using radiation to hopefully rid my head of these horrible things.  The Pet Scan showed cancer in both lungs (not too much of a surprise — this is an extension of my breast cancer) as well as in my spine (sigh — new news) and left scapula (another surprise).  I definitely wasn’t expecting that.  A lymph node looked ok so that’s good and they are still uncertain about a spot on my liver.  Another sigh.  This is just so much to retain.  I just want to be better.  I can’t believe a body I have been taking care of has done this to me. I am not perfect, I like to eat and drink and have fun, but I do exercise and love healthy food.  Blah.

So.  Treatment.  We are getting a second opinion at U.C. Davis and I will do anything possible to get better.   Chemotherapy is definitely in my future and I am praying for strength to get through this.  Chemo is hard.  It makes you feel so sick and helpless.  A strategy that was brought up is that chemo may be administered once a week for two weeks, and then off for one week.  They aren’t sure the duration or types of drugs as it seems like I will have to do a clinical trial.

So that’s all for now, I just want to share a bit of good news and provide status on what’s going on today.  Thank you readers, I appreciate everything so much.  Please take care.  xoxo CP


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  1. Christina, you are one of the bravest women I know. I love your blog and your gift of writing. If your ever up for company i would love to visit you. If you ever need someone to take you to your treatments please let me help. Remember I’m right next door. I know this illness sucks but I think your going to use it to have a huge impact on those around you, especially those going through the same thing. I’m praying for you and love you, Sara

  2. Hi Christina,
    Yeah for the cookie business starting to take shape.
    You are one of the scrapiest, never take “no” for an answer people I know and you have been like this since i first met you at 2 or 3 years old. You will fight hard for what’s right and wont’ back down from a tough fight. You are surrounded by people who are fighting with you and love you and have a huge “Team Christina” network. Let me know if I can do anything more than just pray and love you and think positive thougths about your wellness!
    much love, xoxoxoxo Barbara, Jim, Joey, Will, Robbie – the whole Nolan bunch xoxoxo

  3. Congratulations! That is awesome news with your cookies! Your a very strong women with a beautiful spirit! I know you will beat this. Keep the positive attitude and know that you have so many people in your corner. Hugs to you and your precious Ella!

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