Madame President and Me

Oh my Madame President. We have worked so hard with you. We had a rough start (think colic, reflux, eeeek!) but we have really come together. You have been amazing lately. All you say is “Hi Mommy! I love you!” It makes me feel so good.

Sure, we have our downsides. But I am learning to be more patient and empathetic. When baby is happy, mama is happy. You get frustrated when pieces don’t fit. You are the pickiest eater in the world (which is just so ironic because I love to cook). You are a spirited little thing (like me). But oh man, you make my heart melt with your sweetness and your love for play and other people.

I hope we aren’t spoiling you. But I want to make sure all your needs are met during this time of family crisis. You truly are my bright shining star to get me through this dang thing called cancer.

I love you my Ella Mae, and I am here for you forever. You even have your own e-mail address so that I can write to you when my heart is full. Fancy girl.

That’s all for now, hug your littles and have a good Tuesday. Only two more days left of radiation and hopefully we’ll hear from U.C. Davis soon to arrange my chemotherapy.



One response

  1. Awwww you made me cry! That was the sweetest thing ever! Your a wonderful person and a fantastic mom! You will beat this! You continue to stay in my thoughts and prayers!
    Patti Funakoshi

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