My man can fix things. Thank God.

So Big Ry can fix things. Thank God. With a capital G. We are talking building, painting, hanging, lifting, drilling, anything. Yes. It does take a little while to actually get a project done. And maybe a little nagging on my part. Ahem. Sorry. But it’s awesome. Just wanted to give Ryan some props cause he has been doing a great job supporting me and I know it has been rough.

He built our fence. He puts Madame’s toys together (man they have so many parts. So many tiny, little, missing parts). He does plumbing. He put in our stove and oven. All these things that would cost a million dollars if we had someone else do it. But I’ve got my (affectionately called) grumpy old man to do all these things. And he’s good at it! Not sure what we would do without him.

Ella Mae’s new kitchen


Veggie Boxes




Front Yard Fence


So Ryan, props to you. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into our family and our home and Madame and I just love you so very much. We are going to get through this. It will be hard, but we will.


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