Normal girl, not so normal life.

So the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. My chemotherapy has been decided and will start this Tuesday (very, very, glad), and we had our appointment with UCSF. We have also decided to keep our appointment with UCD as well, which is next week to obtain further information possibly about clinical trials should my brain be able to accept them. At this point, I am very tired of doctors, appointments, etc. but I know I must keep moving on for the sake of myself and my little, precious family. I miss my old life though, because I feel the same (albeit 50% less energy), but my new job is to get better and I need to remain positive no matter what news I receive. Ughhhh. It can be hard to keep it together sometimes though. My back has been really hurting which has been a drag and sometimes I feel like I need a Rascal to take me from point A to point B (kinda joking, kinda not). It really depends on the day and how much I do, how much sleep I get, etc. It has been a whole new life not being able to drive.

Wowzas. In a million years I would never expected this,

So, this is my new normal. I miss my old normal that included happy hour, Bunco, exercising, and gasp! my beloved job. But I have started to adjust and know I am doing all this for myself, my precious baby, and of course Big Ry.

I still have been having good days, thanks to my family and my girlfriends, and still managing to make a colossal mess of my kitchen, which is always a good sign. My Sweetie Cheeks cookies have officially been picked up at La Bombe in East Sacramento which has been a source of pride for me.

This week’s culinary adventures have included a Chai tea made from scratch, a Marscapone pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, my beloved juicing (was brave and added broccoli!), and some fun neon-dyed white rice for Ella Mae which I took inspiration from Art Beast on K Street in Sacramento. They had a nice big sensory table she loved filled with different colors of rice that she kept calling “sprinkles”, so how could I resist? Not sure where we will have Madame exactly play with this new mess, but she will be pleased nonetheless.

Ella Mae and I had a good afternoon yesterday despite the 106 degree heat. Which should be illegal by the way.

She took a nap, which was super weird if you know her, (but she has been super busy with all the fun people taking care of her, and I got to take her to Art Beast all by myself (Ryan took the time to have a couple beers at The Golden Bear, which he was more than happy about. We had a great time. It was nearly empty with the air conditioner on with the exception of two nice moms and their tots, and I met a nice mommy who lives in West Sacramento too. It was just so nice to spend that one-on-one time with Ella Mae because I was having a decent day and could devote all my time and attention to her in a really mellow environment. And what 2 1/2 year-old doesn’t love that.

Of course bedtime was a bit tricky because of the dang nap (we’ve got Madame on pretty good schedule here) so after an hour of trying to rock her to sleep, Ryan stepped in and took care of business much to my happiness.

So I’d like to share the sensory “sprinkles” recipe that Ella Mae enjoyed so much at Art Beast:

And the Marscapone pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes my family was raving over:

Thanks for reading everyone, and Happy Father’s Day. I will be taking my man out for sushi and he is so excited that if he had a tail, it would be wagging.

Take care, everyone.


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