So Let’s Talk Boys

So I’m married. To Big Ry. My snoring, beer-loving, chauffeur, good father of a man. He also fixes things. Yes.

We got married last July at The Peasant Club in West Sacramento (eat there this week — we are talking homemade ravioli) and my meticulous friend Erica planned it all. She should her own TV show. Seriously.

It was a wonderful evening and I am still thinking of how much I liked the table linens.

Our honeymoon was 4 days in Carmel. My favorite. Beach, shops, hiking, and eating everything in sight pretty much filled up our days.

So what are Ryan and I doing now. It can be hard. Most days are good but some days we are like WTF. How the h@$ll did/can this happen? AGAIN! Ryan worries about me. I worry about him. We worry about Madame. So we all hug. A lot.

I am also trying to give Ryan a bit of space here and there. He needs it like any sane person. Leave him alone in the morning when he drinks his coffee and watches sports. (Me, I am pretty much a social butterfly unless it’s bedtime.) It’s hard for me because the steroids I’m on result in a lot less sleep (hence the early blog posts). But he really cherishes the morning time so why not. We make it work because we have to and doing such small things for your spouse can make all the difference. He lets me bake all day (and even helps clean up sometimes) and makes little mention of my retail therapy and I give him some very necessary solitary time.

That’s all for now ….. Thanks for reading.