A Day in the Life of my Madame President

Oh what it would be like to be two and a half years old. Probably pretty awesome. Ella Mae has a wonderful in-home daycare called Little Sparrow she goes to all day on Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s the best place in the world. “Nanny” is a true angel and is the most nurturing caregiver I could ever ask for. We are talking darling crafts, huge backyard, and super fun activities. Madame talks about her friends there all the time. It’s lovely.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays E hangs with her “Gamma” (Ryan’s mom). Loves it. Renee does so much with her and I’m so appreciative. The park, bounce places, The Children’s Museum, it’s great.

And on Friday Madame’s precious Nonno comes over (my dad). Her favorite. They are so funny together, like peas and carrots (except she won’t eat either of these). So maybe like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. They just play all day. Pony rides, park, gymnastics. It’s wonderful.

So I’m exhausted all the time now. Blah. Super mommy guilt. Its bad and I struggle with the fact it’s going to get worse when chemotherapy starts. But I am so grateful for all these wonderful people to step in and take care of my little handful of a mini-me when I am unable.

So I get my baby on Saturdays. But it’s hard because I can’t drive anymore. So my friend Bridget takes us in tow with her 2 year old Ava and we have a fun play date. The girls are fancy princesses together. Last week was pony rides and Tiny Tots in Land Park, and then a fun lunch with ice cream at Burr’s in East Sac. So lucky. The little girls were obviously very pleased.

Sundays we go to my parents. For swimming and a yummy parental supper. Madame is ecstatic about swimming in their pool. Me not so much, but I’ll go in. And that’s what Nonno is for.

Let’s see. We have been blessed with a good nighttime sleeper (mind you the child stopped taking daytime naps at 18 months old and will not sleep in stroller or carseat) so our bedtime is between 7:45 and 8:30 p.m. Bath is at 7 sharp. Every night. Very strict mommy. I am still able to bathe her and rock her before bed so I cherish this ritual very much.

So, I know Ella Mae Maxine has a good life. She’s social like me and a very passionate toddler. Surprise.

I would to hear about other toddler days/routines, comment if you’re up to it! I’m very interested in learning about other activities that are fun and engaging for kiddos around two/three years old so please share!