Sacramento Yummies.

So in the spirit of my love for yummy food, I would like to share some Sacramento restaurant recommendations (if you haven’t been to these places already!)  So delish.


ORPHAN (Fresh, excellent variety.)

LUCKY CAFE (Best omelets and waffles!)


Cafe Rolle (Decadent French fare, friendly service.)

DEVINE (Sandwiches and the best gelato you will ever eat — made in-house.)


TRES HERMANAS (Good service, yum Mexican food.  Very satisfying and flavorful.)


PRESS BISTRO (Great service, fresh food, great tapas.)


La Bombe Ice Cream — Buy my cookies!  I think in a couple weeks!  Their menu is just lovely and so sweet.

Enjoy everyone — I know I do!   Please take care.


2 responses

  1. I totally miss breakfast at Orphan! I used to live right by McKinley so the weekends were met for bikes rides to Orphan Sunday mornings for that amazing rosemary bread and may favorite, the soy chorizo breakfast!

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